Hello! My name is Ørvar Blackwood. I’m a bisexual trans man (he/ae pronouns) who loves to draw and write.

Art has always been important to me growing up. From simple finger paintings as a kid, to vent art as a teen, it’s a great medium to convey emotion and express creativity. The genre of art I mostly work in is generally, fantasy. I LOVE Medieval fantasy the most, but urban, or even Steampunk is pretty good. I mostly create art of original characters, but sometimes I’ll delve into existing work, like Homestuck, Creepypasta, or Dragon Ball Z. Unfortunately I’ve always struggled with perspective. I like to use 3D models to help me, and MagicPoser is my choice for it. The art program I use is Medibang Paint (which I’m also an ambassador for), and I mostly draw on my phone. Sometimes I’ll attempt to draw on an actual tablet, but I’m still getting used to the large size. Other times though I draw on my DSI, for the Flipnote Studios app!

For writing, I wasn’t always that interested in it. In 9th grade I used to scoff at poetry because I thought it was lame. I tried making my first poem a year later, to no avail. Months later I finally made something I could feasibly call poetry than a keyboard mash-fest. Now and then I’ll write poems, usually through prompts from places like the Fresh Poets Society. Before that I did write a bit of Dragon Ball Z fan fiction, but never went far with it, until I got the idea for a fantasy roleplay with an online friend that slowly developed into its own setting with a shit ton of lore, that I’m now turning into a novel!

Part of my writing journey also deals with my involvement with politics. Starting out from sharing around conspiracy theories from Instagram, to now openly discussing politics with people. I’ve done a lot of changing in the past years. I wouldn’t really know how to describe my politics when I started focusing on it. I was anti-big government, antivaxx, lukewarm about LGBT rights, and a massive racist against white people (as a white person myself) who thought we were inferior to every other race. I slowly shifted towards Conservatism, though then I became pro-LGBT (but still not accepting of everyone else in the community), provaxx, and definitely chilled down with the racism, to an extreme point where before switching sides, was dangerously close to identifying as a white nationalist. And now we’re at the point where I’m a full on leftist, fully accepting of all LGBT+ identities, anti-racist, and a Socialist. I’m also a big bad Satanist! 😘